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Sewer lines are another key element to a happy home and plumbing system. When the sewer lines fail there is an unmistakable issue that can be very difficult to detect. Common issues include tree roots penetrating cracks in sewer lines, line blockages and moving and cracking as a result of shifting soil. Signs of a broken sewer line include sewer odor, slow drains, backups, soggy lawn, insect and rodent issues, mold and mildew growth, broken slabs and wall cracks. This can be a serious issue as methane gas may be emitted causing poisoning. This can cause respiratory issues and even asphyxiation. Harmful bacteria can also be released such as: E. coli, Salmonella and pinworms. Legacy Plumbing and Repair reacts quickly and efficiently to determine a solution for your sewer lines rather it be a repair or full replacement needed.

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